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Sue Bloom • Elizabeth, CO • 303.805.8998 Farm • 720.331.6284 Mobile • Email: suebedoo@mac.com


Star Eclipse Alpacas • Sue Bloom • Elizabeth, CO

Farm: 303.805.8998 • Mobile: 720.331.6284

Email: suebedoo@mac.com

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When I was little I started with horses, and dogs like any kid. I realized then that I loved animals. I moved up too raising goats. I had them following me around like puppies every where I went. I knew then that my life would always be filled with animals. I spent more time outside than in. I wanted to be with them 24/7. I tried to bring them inside but my parents always got mad and made me take them back out to the barn. We moved to the Western Slope when I was in my teens. We had 80 acres and 500 pigs. It was my dads dream to have a pig farm. I thought it was a nightmare. All the work and it seemed so sad to have all those animals to just take to market. It was hard on my heart. But soon I left home and started my city life, always with an empty spot in my heart. One day on one of my journeys I went to an Alpaca Ranch and saw my first Alpaca’s, WOW! That was about the greatest thing ever! I knew I was in hook, line and sinker. I sold my place in town and moved to a 5 acre ranch. I started with three alpaca’s, all girls. The dream came to life the day the fences where up on Sept. 9, 2004. The girls came to their new home. I had been visiting them once or twice a week, for 8 months. I couldn’t wait to have them close to me and see them every day. It is so therapeutic to be with them. My soul was so enrichened and filled with life. I believe animals are Gods angles here to love us and guide us. The more we have the better our life is. The first time those cria babies were born was so exciting. My heart was so filled with joy, you can’t imagine. I was so bonded with my three girls that I felt like a first time mom too. It was hard to leave and go to work. I couldn’t wait to get home. The feelings haven’t changed as the years have gone by. It just gets richer each year as new babies come. For my Christmas present I bought a new award winning stud Mile High Ghirardelli. He is a wonderful addition to my ranch. He comes from great lines. Now we are helping others to grow their dreams. You can stop, buy and visit and see our angels. We have some for sale so you can continue to fill your heart and souls all the time. We love helping people get into this great business. The rewards are never ending.